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Energy Efficient Smart Home - an innovative project realized by company m:tel, Mediteran university, supported by the Ministry of economic development of Montenegro, that is going to be officially launched in January 2022.

The key goal of the project "Energy efficient Smart Home" is to provide a better quality of life for citizens, by optimizing the use of electricity and the application of Internet of Things technology. More specifically, the goal is to develop a functional Smart-home system, which includes remote control of lighting, air conditioners, entertainment systems and devices, in a centralized way, via a mobile application.

In this way, users will be able to turn on/off the lighting, air conditioners, and similar devices via a smart phone at the time they want. A special innovation is the smart electric water heater switch, which provides the possibility of remote switching on and off, as well as measuring the operating time of the water heater.

The project will cause multiple positive effects on the development of Montenegrin society and markets. It will result in increased awareness of how to use electricity, better quality of life as well as a correct perception of the benefits of applying technology in everyday life.

For all interested in our SmartHome project - we're here to answer all your questions and to meet you. Feel free to write to us via chat! :)

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