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M:tel company was granted a licence for the third telecom operator in Montenegro in April 2007. The structure of m:tel owners is the following: 51% belongs to Telekom Srbija and 49% to Telecom of the Republic of Srpska. 

Upon receiving a license to operate a mobile phone network, the most modern mobile network was built, within the period of only 77 days. M:tel company was recapitalized with the value of 40 million Euros in February 2010, and its value is about 140 million Euros, along with the initial investment. 

Mission of m:tel company is to become a significant telecom operator, recognized not only for its quality service, affordable prices, friendly, open relationship with its customers, but also for its leading role in introducing new technologies and services. Key values of our company are commitment, trust and innovation. 

Employees are strategic resource of our company. The importance of professional and well-organized team has been recognized as a key factor of success. There are about 500 employees in our company. The average age of the employees is 33, 41% out of which hold a university degree.

The network commenced commercial operations on 9 July 2007 and 18 branches have been opened in 14 cities of Montenegro so far. Even though m:tel is the youngest mobile operator in Montenegro, it has expanded the points of sale system to the extent of having the largest number of retail checkpoints. 

In just six months, m:tel has won a quarter of the mobile telephony market, and today has about 35.70% of mobile telephony users, with over 98% mobile telephone signal coverage in the populated territory. Market share in the part of multimedia services (television, Internet, fixed telephony) is: 42.27% for Internet, 37.04% for television and 36.87% for fixed telephony.

As a socially responsible company, m:tel wants to participate actively in the daily progress of the Montenegrin society, contributing to the development of the community, therefore the company provides special support for social, cultural, educational, health and sports programs and initiatives. 

Year in year out we participate in the actions of SMS donations, we provide support to those who need it most. Opening the donor line on several occasions, along with citizens of good will, we have provided assistance to arrive where it is needed most whether it is for the population whose existence is endangered by natural disasters or medical treatment of our fellow citizens. We are convinced that solidarity is very important in hard times, both for individuals and collectives.

Helping others to develop and realize life is a permanent commitment of m:tel company. In achieving these goals m:tel will always abide by the Company's strategic slogan "You have friends!" 

Digital services are one of the key points of m:tel's future, so we are here to answer all your questions and to meet you. Feel free to write to us via chat! :)

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